Why is my Cat Drinking a lot of Water?

Your cats water consumption has increased, and naturally, you're concerned about your fur baby's well being. You're probably wondering things like; Why is my cat thirsty all the time? Why is my cat drinking a lot of water? For this article, we will separate the two questions because a thirsty cat is probably a healthy cat, but a cat who drinks a lot of water might be suffering from a medical issue. 

How Much Water Does Your Cat Need?

The amount of water your cat needs is determined by their weight. VetWest Animal Hospitals says, "The average cat needs 60 milliliters of water daily for every kilogram they weigh. If your cat weighs 4kg then they will need about 240mls of water a day." However, there are many reasons why your cat might drink more or less than they need.

Why is My Cat Thirsty All the Time? 

Several normal and healthy reasons could cause your cat to be more thirsty than usual. The type of food your cat eats, whether they're an indoor or outdoor cat, the temperature in your house, their activity level, and the weather can cause your cat to drink more. Having an cat water fountain in your household will ensure your kitty always has water.

Activity Level and Living Arrangements

Your cat's activity level will greatly affect how much they drink. Like us, the more active your cat is the more water he or she will need. Also, their living arrangements will play a role in how much they drink. An outdoor cat will need more water than an indoor cat, especially on hotter days. 

Is Your Cat Eating Wet or Dry Cat Food?

Cats who eat dry cat food will drink more than cats who eat wet food. Wet cat food provides your cat with quite a bit of their water needs. Moreover, think of times when you eat dry and crunchy foods. You usually want something to wash it down with. The same is true for cats who eat dry cat food. This is another reason for why is my cat drinking so much water

What You Should Do if your Cat is Drinking More Water than usual?

If you know that your cats increased drinking is due to one or more of these factors, you just need to make sure they have plenty of water. However, you need to watch your cat closely to ensure he or she isn't displaying symptoms other than an increase in drinking. Excessive drinking is also a sign of a medical issue in which case your cat will need to see a vet. 

Why is My Cat Drinking a Lot of Water? 

A medical condition might be causing your cat to drink a lot of water. The VetWest Animal Hospitals reports that "excessive drinking in cats can be a symptom of diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, or urinary tract disease." However, your cat should be displaying other signs or symptoms if they have one of these conditions. 

Diabetes Mellitus in Cats 

Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith say, "there are two types of diabetes mellitus in cats. Type 1 which is insulin-dependent, and Type 2 which is non-insulin-dependent." This means that cats with Type 1 do not produce enough insulin while those with Type 2 do not produce insulin soon enough, and when their bodies produce insulin they produce too much. Dr. Foster and Dr. Smith report symptoms of diabetes mellitus in cats include:

• Increased thirst
• Increased urination
• Reliving themselves in inappropriate places 
• Change in appetite
• Change in walking 
• Weight loss 
• Fatigue 
• Vomiting 

Kidney Failure in Cats

Cats can develop kidney failure, and early diagnosis is crucial to treating it. "Two types of kidney failure exist. Acute renal failure and chronic renal failure. Acute renal failure happens quickly and in cats of all ages while chronic renal failure usually happens in older cats and takes months or years to develop," WebMD explains. You should look for other symptoms if you suspect your cat might be in kidney failure. Those symptoms according to WebMD are: 

• Frequent urination 
• Increased thirst 
• Bacterial infections 
• Weight loss 
• Vomiting, diarrhea
• Mouth ulcers 
• Brown tint on the tongue
• Dry coat
• Constipation
• Fatigue

Hypothyroidism in Cats 

Hypothyroidism is very uncommon in cats, but it does occur. Cats do not usually need treatment for hypothyroidism because it typically goes away over time. They do need regular vet visits to ensure the hypothyroidism is resolving. Dr. Justine A. Lee says the signs of hypothyroidism are "weight gain, an unkempt or flaky coat, matting fur, hair loss on the ears, and lethargy." This again may describe why is my cat drinking a lot of water.

Urinary Tract Disease in Cats

Numerous things can cause a cat to develop urinary tract disease including stress, infections, obstructions, and inflammation. Urinary tract disease is treatable, but can be very painful for your cat so it's important to spot the signs early. Dr. Lorie Huston says the symptoms of urinary tract disease are: 

• Urinating in inappropriate places
• Frequent attempts to urinate 
• Pain during urination
• Straining to urinate
• Blood in the urine 
• Loss of appetite 
• Irritability

Spotting the Signs

It is very hard to spot some of the signs and symptoms of a medical condition in cats, but there are a few that are easily detected. Your cat should not urinate anywhere but the litter box or outside. Cats are very clean by nature and like to eliminate in places away from where they eat, sleep, play, and so forth. Your cat will likely whine or meow during urination if they are in pain or straining to urinate. Blood will turn their urine a copper or brownish color. 

What You Should Do if your Cat is Drinking more Water than Usual?

Take your cat to the vet right away if you suspect he or she has one of these medical conditions or if you notice any symptoms along with increased drinking. Write down any symptoms you notice and share the list with your vet. Early diagnosis is crucial to treating medical issues. 

Final Thoughts on Why is my Cat Drinking a lot of Water?

Question 1: Why is my cat thirsty all the time? Your cat could be thirsty because of the weather, the temperature in your home, the food they eat, or their activity level. You should:

• Offer plenty of water 
• Watch for other symptoms 

Question 2: Why is my cat drinking a lot of water? It could be a sign of diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, hypothyroidism or urinary tract disease. You should:

• Watch for other symptoms
• Take your cat to the vet

Conversely if you cat is not drinking enough water check out 10 ways to get your cat to drink more water from our friends at Catster

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