The Cat Language Bible Review

As a cat owner, I’ve always thought of myself as caring and attentive to the needs of my feline friend. I know that it’s important to add enrichment to your pet’s life, but at the same time I simply took it for granted that my cat seemed to enjoy spending time on her own.

Cats have a reputation for being aloof, so when I first stumbled upon The Cat Language Bible I was expecting some helpful tips, but what I actually learned upon reading was far greater than what I first imagined. This book was not just an interesting read; it taught me how to forge a firm, strong bond with my cat.

Helpful Tips on Cat Language and Communication

8 Cat Sounds and What They Mean

  • Meowing - is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of feline vocalizations. Usually, your cat is trying to tell you they want food or attention, but a meow can indicate annoyance, frustration or even pain. 
  • Purring - We often associate purrs with happiness or contentment, and while that is usually true, a cat may purr when she is in pain. 
  • Yowling - usually predates a skirmish or fight between felines. In addition, your cat could be yowling because she’s uncomfortable or defending territory. 
  • Chirping - Have you ever noticed your feline staring intently out the window while making a chirping sound? It’s thought to be a bird hunting technique since the chirps sound so bird-like. 
  • Hissing - A hiss is a clear sign she’s upset. If the source of her annoyance persists, she might turn physically aggressive. 
  • Growling - A growl means to back off. Cats can growl at other cats when they are irritated, but growling can also be a sign of pain. Be aware of growling when you touch your cat in a specific spot, and take her to the vet if you suspect trouble.
  • Whining - Whining can sound like a long and high-pitched wail. Usually it means that she is in distress, although your cat can often whine if she wants something specific. 
  • Caterwauling - is a specific vocalization that felines emit when they are in heat. The females will caterwaul to attract males, and often the male cats will caterwaul back at the female. 

7 Tips on Understanding Cat Body Language

  • Relaxed - Most of the time your cat will be in relaxed state. Her body will be free of tension, her ears might be perked forward, and she might slowly blink or have her eyes closed.
  • Focused - When your cat is focused, her eyes widen so she can see a large scope of her area. Her whiskers and ears will prick forward, and her body might be low to the ground as she stalks her prey. 
  • Anxious - When your cat is feeling anxious, she will open her eyes wide and use her ears to “scan” for information while also flicking the tip of her tail.
  • Fear - Fearful behavior is similar to anxious behavior. Your cat might lower her body and gaze with upturned eyes at the threat, while flattening her ears and swiveling her tail from side to side.
  • Frustration - If your cat is feeling frustrated, she will turn her eyes, ears and whiskers toward the object of her attention. Her behavior could be accompanied by pacing or annoyed meowing. 
  • Anger - When your cat experiences anger, her eyes will be hard and narrowed while her ears are flat against her head. She may puff her fur out and try to appear bigger than the threat. 
  • Relief  - If your cat is relieved, her body will appear to loosen and relax and she might even stretch. Her ears, eyes and whiskers will all visibly soften.

Free Book on If your Cat could Talk this is What he would Say

What you need to know about The Cat Language Bible ebook?

We love our pets, but we have a language barrier that can make it difficult to understand what they need. The Cat Language Bible solves this communication issue between you and your furry family member, making your bond stronger than ever before. If you are looking for a simple but efficient way to communicate more effectively with your furry friend, The Cat Language Bible is for you!

It’s not just a guide that teaches you the basics of feline communication; it takes you on an in-depth journey into the mechanics of how your cat actually thinks. After reading this book, you will be able to not only pick up on your cat’s cues, but you will actually be able to respond in a way that she understands and appreciates. 

The Cat Language Bible is a commitment. It is not the kind of manual that you can simply leaf through and then forget about. Establishing a strong emotional connection with someone takes time and patience; bonding with your cat is no exception. If you would rather find a quick solution, another manual or guide may be better for you.

However, if you are willing to invest your time and energy into the practices this book teaches then you are on your way to forming a loving and understanding bond with your cat. 

About the Author

Jonas Jurgella has been working as an animal researcher and an Animal Behavior Specialist for over 14 years. He specializes in studying the relationships between cat owners and their felines, including both verbal and nonverbal communication. He has worked with hundreds of cat owners and their cats to build and strengthen their relationships. 

Jurgella graduated the University of Plymouth in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Behavior and Ethology. In 2010, he graduated from the University of Auckland with a Ph.D. Since then he has been working as an Animal Behavior Researcher and author. 

With his many years of education and experience in his field, Jonas Jurgella is well-suited to authoring The Cat Language Bible. His expertise in his field gives him a high level of credibility, so you can trust that the methods he writes about are factual and proven. 

What do you get with The Cat Language Bible Guide?

With simple yet effective language and helpful visuals, The Cat Language Bible presents information that explains your cat’s behaviors and feelings, as well as what you can do to communicate with your cat on her level. It promises that by following the simple techniques within, you will be able to deepen your bond.

When you order The Cat Language Bible you receive four bonus materials to help you get the most out of your purchase. The bonus materials are designed to help you further your knowledge and understanding of your cat’s communication. 

-Teaches you to apply proven techniques
-Simple yet descriptive language and visual guides
-Detailed and thorough, boasting over 100 pages
-A two-month, hassle-free refund period


-The guide is only available as an eBook
-What you learn in this guide will take patience and willpower to apply to real life
-The guide is not interactive, nor does it include any videos for ease of understanding

What are the Features and Benefits of The Cat Language Bible?

The Cat Language Bible ebook is the perfect tool for cat owners who want to bond with their pet. The guide uses thorough explanations to help you understand the exact gestures and behaviors to look for, and pictures accompany the text to aid your understanding.

The Cat Language Bible is unlike other guides on the subject; this book is written on a foundation of real-world research. It’s based on years of testimonials and research into human-cat relationships. The techniques that this book encourages have been scientifically proven to help you understand and communicate with your cat. 

Understanding your furry friend is just a few steps away. After The Cat Language Bible, you will have insight into all of your pet’s verbal and nonverbal communication cues. Understanding your pet’s communication cues will allow you to see and properly respond to her feelings.

If you’ve ever wanted a stronger bond with your cat, this book is the perfect solution for you. Once you realize how to understand her, your bond will be strengthened by your mutual communication. 

The Cat Language Bible ebook guide is affordable and comes with a two-month refund guarantee. The price is under $30; I believe the writers and researchers wanted this information to be available to all cat owners, as it is important and truly priceless information. If for any reason you are not satisfied, rest assured that you can return the book for a full refund.

Pros and Cons

This book teaches you to apply scientifically-tested methods to your relationship with your pet. It includes descriptive language and accompanying pictures to aid with your ease of understanding. There are over 100 pages of detailed information interpreting your pet’s actions into plain English. 

In addition to the content of the guide itself, the book boasts a low price tag, coming out at under $30 and also has a 60 day money back guarantee if you aren't completely satisfied.

Some downsides to consider regarding The Cat Language Bible pdf include. First of all, this guide is only available as an eBook, which means that you will need access to a computer anytime you want to read it. You can remedy this by printing the guide yourself, but be prepared since this is the only option for a physical copy. 

This guide will require an investment. You will need the determination to apply the skills in this book to your real-world relationship with your pet. The patience and time you will need to invest is worth it to create a stronger bond with your pet, but if you would prefer something simpler this book may not be for you. 


  • check-circle
    Scientifically proven method
  • check-circle
    Under $30 price tag
  • check-circle
    Closer bond with your cat


  • times-circle
    Comes in ebook version only
  • times-circle
    No video tutorials to follow along with,
  • times-circle
    Investment of time and patience to see results.

Concluding Thoughts

The Cat Language Bible is a great resource for cat owners who want to deepen and strengthen their relationship with their pet. If you want a stronger bond with your cat, try this tested and proven method. While your feline friend already understands you, this guide teaches you how to understand your cat’s vocalizations and body language cues, and even how you can respond back. With only a little bit of investment, you can reap rewarding benefits. If this book sounds like the right fit for you, check it out here.

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