Seresto Cat Collar Review

The Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar has been on the market for a long period, but I never gained any interest in it until one of my cats died. See, it is a good concept, but when your cats are always indoors, there are low chances of being infested with fleas. And why would one want to protect their feline friends in a place where there are no fleas? Well, you only know when one of your cats die.

There is this cat I adopted that came with fleas and that ended up spreading to other cats. The Seresto Cat Collar has worked well for me. 

How to Choose a Flea Collar for your Cat?

When your cat starts to venture outdoors, a flea cat collar is a good idea. There are different things to consider when you are shopping for a flea cat collar. One of the most important factors to consider is size. The flea collar has to fit perfectly on the neck of the cat without choking it, and ensuring it does not fall off. 

It is challenging to fit a collar on a kitten or cat for the first time. The cat will also take some time to get used to the collar. Granted, the collar needs to be made of a good material, soft enough for comfort, but rugged enough to last for a long term. 

The most important factor on a flea collar, however, is the ingredient. Some ingredients are harsh on pets while some are natural and safe for the pet. The Seresto Cat Collar, for instance, is offered with safe ingredients that last for a long time. This makes it easy as you do not have to keep reapplying. However, most conventional collars offer protection for a month or a few months after which you have to reapply. 

A good collar clip or buckle is ideal to keep the collar safe on your cat and for easy application. 

What is the Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar?

The Seresto Cat Flea Collar is a cat collar designed to offer tick and flea protection for your cats for up to 8 months with one application. This ensures that you do not have to keep reapplying each month like you would with other products. All the while, your pet will stay flea free. 

Bayer Seresto flea and tick collar features two innovative ingredients that allow it to last for a long time. The low doses of these two ingredients are gradually released into your cat’s fur over a period of 8 months. The ingredients spread to your cat’s entire body, keeping it safe. Its simple design has allowed it to overcome the downsides of most conventional collars.

The strength in Seresto flea collar lies in the fact that it remains effective for a long time. While it has not seen any upgrades since its release, the collar has remained effective and on top of the competition. Looking at it, the collar looks simple; this makes it easy to fit. It is an ideal unit for kittens and big cats.

What are the Features and Benefits?

Active Ingredients

Seresto is offered with two active ingredients; flumethrin and imidacloprid. Imidacloprid kills fleas in all stages from larvae to adult. It also kills lice. Flumethrin, on the other hand, repels ticks in all stages of their life.

When these two ingredients are combined, they offer significant protection to your pets. According to the manufacturer, the combined ingredients work better than they could when used individually. 

Each of the ingredients has been tested to ensure safety. This comes in handy for cats that have allergies. Granted, the Seresto Cat Collar is safe for your kitten or cat from 10 weeks old. 

Even if your cat chews the collar, the ingredients are still safe. If it happens that the cat ingests the whole collar, it will still be safe with mild stomach upsets. The effects of ingesting a whole collar will clear within 24 hours. 

You can, however, ensure that your kitten does not chew on the Seresto cat collar by attaching snugly around your cat. 

Safe for Kittens

I love the fact that the Seresto Cat Collar can be used on kittens 10 weeks or older. In fact, this is the best age to allow the kitten to get used to the collar as they grow up. 

The collar releases low-doses of the active ingredients. This makes it last for a long time while still being effective. The low-dose also allows you to put a new collar on your feline friend immediately after removing the first.

The ratchet release mechanism allows you to adjust the Seresto Cat Collar to fit cats of different size and also ensure collar safety. The collar also has a predetermined breaking point to offer a second layer of protection. 

No Unpleasant Smell

While most conventional flea pet collar smell, the Seresto Cat Collar combines innovative technology and active and safe ingredients to offer smell free protection.

The ingredients are inside the collar, ensuring that after chewing, the cat does not ingest any of the ingredients. This also reduces any negligible smells that the collar might have.

Even when new, the collar still does not have any smells.

The collar comes ready to use and you do not have to stretch it to activate it like you would in other collars. Immediately after application, the collar starts killing fleas and their larvae on your cat.

To effectively repel tick, Seresto Cat Flea Collar has to be on the cat for about 48 hours. You also don’t need to brush the collar against the pet’s coat before application like you would with other collars. 

Easy to Clean

Dirt has no impact on the efficacy of the collar. Even when very dirty, the collar will still function effectively. The material of the collar allows you to wipe with easy with a wet cloth. You do not have to remove the collar from the pet’s neck. In most cases, it is the outer part of the collar that gets dirty. 

Lubricated for Easy Adjustment

On the surface of the collar, you can see a white powder. The white powder is stearic acid added to the collar to enhance the adjustment process. It also makes it easy to remove the collar from its mold after production. There is nothing to worry as Stearic acid is completely safe and has even been used in food. If you do not like the white powder on the collar, you can easily remove it. 

Easy to Attach Items

According to the manufacturer, the Seresto Cat Collar was tested with safety reflectors. The reflectors are designed for Bayer collar. The reflectors are safe and work without interfering with the functioning of the collar. You can attach different accessories on the collar.

However, any items that covers a significant area on the collar should be discouraged as they can interfere with the functioning of the collar. 

The items should be applied on the non-overlapping part of the collar to ensure that the safety mechanism of the collar is not blocked. Leashes should not be attached on the collar as they will pull open the safety mechanism. I attached a name tag on the collar, but had to remove it later as I felt like it was interfering with the collar.

Accessories should necessitate checking the tightness of the collar to ensure that it is not too tight. This is especially important for kittens as they are growing. 

Water Resistant

Even when the pet gets wet, the Seresto Cat Collar still remains effective. The active ingredients of this collar are stored inside the collar and they are distributed on the layer of oil on the surface of the skin. Being wet will not wash the ingredients away. This comes in handy when your cat is playful and is outdoors most of the time. 

In fact, the active ingredients stay functional even after you remove the collar and keep it for a few months before reapplying. However, the manufacturer does not recommend keeping it for too long as its effectiveness after a year of storage has not been tested. 

Easy Application

The Seresto Cat Collar is easy to apply. No wonder I fell in love with it the first time. The good news are, you only need one collar per cat and all the fleas will be killed. 

Applying the collar is as easy as removing it from its bag and unrolling it. Insert the collar’s end through the buckle and adjust it on your cat’s neck to ensure that it fits perfectly. The safety release mechanism allows you to adjust with ease while ensuring that the cat cannot remove it. 

When adjusting the collar, ensure that you leave enough room to fit two fingers between the collar and your cat’s neck. Pull the excess collar through the loop. When you fit in on an adult cat, you can cut the excess collar extending an inch beyond the loop. 

After you have fixed the collar, you can attach the reflector clips on it to ensure you can see the cat at night. Once you have attached the reflectors and you have adjusted accordingly, the clasp on the collar cannot be reopened. 

Social Proof

While shopping for the Seresto Cat Collar online, I came across lots of positive reviews. First off, the collar has received more reviews that other collars on the market. Users love the long duration at which the collar lasts; 8 months. The collar is fitted with safe active ingredients with double function.


best flea collar cat

•Pet Gallo Flea and Tick Cat Collar  is offered with high effective active ingredients to match the quality of the Seresto Cat Collar.

•The Flea collar lasts only four months unlike the Seresto, which lasts 6 months.  

•While the Seresto Cat Collar features a safety mechanism, the Pet Gallo  cat collar features a buckle, which allows you to adjust with ease.  It is 23.5 inches in length and fits on any sized cat.

•The unit is easy to use as all you have to do is attach it to the cat. 

•The ingredients work through pesticide-effect volatizing. This is the same way that the Seresto works. 

•This is a unit designed for use in different conditions. It is water resistant, making it suitable when your cat is always playing outdoors. 

flea and tick collar

•The Hartz UltraGuard is designed for cats up to 12 inches in neck circumference. 

•Like the Seresto Cat Collar, it is offered with active ingredients to kill fleas and their larvae and repel ticks on your cat. 

•It is water resistant, making it suitable and effective even when the cat is wet. Even better, the collar can destroy flea eggs. 

•It works for 7 months against Seresto’s 8 months. 

•The cat collar is easy to use, light, and you can adjust it to fit different cat sizes. This collar is designed rugged to last long even after the cat chews it. 

•Rofl flea collar for cats is designed to protect your cat from fleas, tick and other insects without harming your cat.

•Like the Seresto Cat Collar, this collar lasts for 8 months, which makes it ideal if you do not want to keep reapplying the collar after every month.

•Like the Seresto, the Rofl cat collar offers odorless, grease-free protection from ticks, fleas and lice.

•Rofl collar is water resistant just like Seresto, allowing the pet to get wet. 


The Seresto Cat Collar is offered with an easy to use design thanks to the safety release mechanism that enhances its use even for first time pet owners. There are many things that make the Seresto collar great including the fact that its lasts for up to 8 months, it is offered with active ingredients that are released in small doses, and has a rugged design, allowing it to withstand different elements and conditions. 

With Seresto, you have taken care of fleas, ticks, and lice among other insects that might attack your cat. The good thing is that the collar starts working immediately; within 24 hours it kills all fleas and lice and repels ticks within 48 hours. This makes it ideal if your cat is already infested with fleas and you need a fast solution. Fleas are detrimental to your cat when not controlled within a few days of infestation. Therefore, you cannot afford to ignore the advantages of Seresto. 

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