How to Hypnotize a Cat? You are getting sleepy very sleepy

So you would like to know how to hypnotize a cat? Maybe it’s your cat, or it’s the neighbour’s, perhaps you would like mind control over an army of cats and either create a side show or rent them out to clean up the neighbourhood. Whatever the reason we have done some research on the topic of hypnosis of cats and although the actual state of hypnosis is debatable we have a few tips for you. It has been recommended that chickens are the easiest to hypnotize and a good place to start, but if you don’t have a chicken handy maybe just give it a try anyway. At the end of it you should at least have one happy cat!

This is what you need on how to hypnotize a cat?

  • a quiet area your cat is comfortable with
  • time
  • patience
  • maybe some soft music
  • being in a zen like state yourself
  • a soft voice


Step 1 Find a Cat to Hypnotize

First, make sure you have a cat, preferably catch them right after supper

Step 2 Get Comfy

Second, place the cat in your lap on their back, stay calm and relaxed

Step 3 Hypnotize

Third, cradle the cats head with both hands and rub the eyes with your thumbs until cat is in a deeply relaxed state

Step 4 Mind Control

Finially, once the cat is in a relaxed state, it’s time for Mind Control ! Ok so mind control may not work…but it’s worth a shot…whisper things like

  • poo in the neighbours yard
  • you like to sleep at night
  • stop scratching the furniture
  • make me a sandwich


So now you know how to hypnotize a cat ! Use this new knowledge with caution, with respect, with good intentions….knowledge is power and Hypnotized Cats could be a recipe for disaster…unless you have plans to train them how to dance in a choreographed manner….then for sure do it and video it!

Another option is to add music to the process, maybe have a friend play ukulele or put on soft sounds of ocean currents…maybe avoid the nature soundtracks with birds chirping…just sayin. 

Good Luck!


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