How to Draw a Cat for Kids? Simple, Easy Step by Step tutorial

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Are you wondering how to draw a cat for kids, how to draw their eyes or how to draw cute kitten paws? Maybe you've tried a couple of times but weren't too happy with the results?

Or are you looking for an easy drawing tutorial that your kids will be able to follow without becoming too frustrated? Well, you've come to the right place. Today I want to show you how to draw a cat for kids. This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the entire process. It's very easy for kids and adults too!

Are you ready to get started? Okay, go grab a few sheets of printer paper or a sketchbook and a pen. Now, let me show you how to draw cats easy. Included are several step-by-step drawings and also a video to make learning even easier.

Art Supplies Needed:

  • Pencils or pens
  • Erasers
  • Plain white paper
  • Colored markers (optional)
  • Colored pencils (optional)
  • Crayons (optional)

Alternative: Digital Art

You can also try drawing on a drawing tablet like a Cyntiq, but use your discretion if young kids are going to be doing the drawing. An easier way for kids to draw digitally is to use an Apple iPad with a stylus or Apple Pen.

There are many great drawing apps available for just a few dollars each, but one of my favorites – which has a free version for iPad – is Tayasui Sketches. It's very simple to use and is a great option for kids.

Step 1: Draw The Head

So the first step on how to draw a cat for kids is to draw the head. There are all kinds of shapes you can use for the head: square, circle, football, rectangle, etc. For this particular drawing, let's use an oval or squishy circle. Be sure that you don't smash it down too much, because you want to leave enough room for some big, beautiful eyes.

Step 2: Draw The Ears

For the next step, your cat will need some ears. Again, there are a variety of shapes you can play with here, but most of them will produce either pointy ears or rounded ears – or some combination of the two. Let's draw some ears that are mostly pointy but with a little bit of roundness to them.

Step 3: Draw The Eyes

Next up, we have one of the most important features of any character drawing, especially one that shows how to draw a cat for kids – the eyes! The eyes are the emotional centerpiece of your drawing, so let's put some thought and effort into what we draw here.

In the video tutorial below, you'll see some different ways of drawing your cat's eyes, but for now let's start with some large, square eyes with rounded corners.

When we were kids, many of us learned to draw faces in a very symmetrical fashion. In some of my old drawings from childhood, you could probably draw a vertical line down the center of my cartoon faces and find that each side of the face looked just like the other: the eyes and ears looked exactly the same, and the mouth was centered almost perfectly.

Well, that's pretty boring. In this cartooning tutorial on how to draw a cat for kids, you'll find that symmetry should only be used sparingly.

For our cat drawing today, we're going to go with a more asymmetrical look. So let's make one eye noticeably larger than the other, okay?

Step 4: Draw The Rest Of The Face

Now continue to fill in the details on the face: the pupils, nose and whiskers.

I like to pretend that the eye sockets are actually two square holes, and inside you can see a little block. So the pupils aren't just separate shapes, but are glimpses of a single, larger shape inside the cat's head. Does that make sense? The images and the video about how to draw a cat for kids should help explain the idea, if words aren't getting it across.

The nose is just a simple, small triangle, drawn upside down.

Step 5: Draw The Eyebrows And Inside Of The Ear

The eyebrows can be drawn in various ways.

For this one, let's use rectangles and make them fairly thick. The higher up you put them, the more of a shocked, surprised or confused expression your cat will have. The higher you go, the cuter your cat will look! Try it!

Again, remember: when learning how to draw a cat for kids, symmetry is boring. So stagger the placement of the eyebrows, so that they aren't identical to one another.

The inner ear is just a simple triangle.

Step 6: Draw The Neck And Collar

The trick for how to draw a cat for kids is to keep things as simple as possible, and nothing in this tutorial is simpler than the neck. Take a look! It's just two little lines coming down from the center of the head, followed by a little rectangle for the collar.

You can also draw a little tag hanging down from the collar (not pictured). Just draw a little circle, and you're done!

Step 7: Draw The Front Legs and Chest

Next draw four more lines coming down to represent your kitty's chest and front legs. These can take on a rectangular shape or more of a pyramid shape, as seen in the drawings and the video. Try it both ways to see which you prefer. Remember, there's no wrong way to do it when you're learning how to draw a cat for kids. There are plenty of variations to try! Just use your imagination and experiment with it.

Step 8: Draw The Paws

Okay, now let me show you one of my favorite parts of how to draw a cat for kids: the paws! When you draw the paws really large, it makes your cat look so cute! So draw some huge paws on there. Go for a mushroom-top look, like a half-circle resting on the ground. Be sure to round the corners just a little, like in the drawing.

Step 9: Draw The Toes And Then Color Your Cat

how to draw a cat for kids

For the front paws, add two little vertical lines, starting at the ground and then coming up halfway to the top. For the back paws, just draw a single line coming up at an angle, so make them look like they're angled outward.

Then just grab your markers or crayons, pick some colors and go for it! You can use realistic colors like gray, brown, orange and black. Or you can use some weird colors like red, blue and purple. It's your cat, so go ahead and do it your way! There's no right or wrong way for how to draw a cat for kids.

Pro Tips For How To Draw a Cat for Kids

Below are some great drawing tips that will help you learn how to draw a cat for kids.

1. Practice every day

Drawing is a skill, and like any other skill, the best way to improve is to practice as much as possible. Whether you want to know how to draw cats easy, dogs, babies, airplanes or anything else, daily practice will make a huge difference.

2. Redraw Everything

One of the secrets used by professional cartoonists is to always draw things again, especially when learning a new pose or a new subject matter. Repetition is necessary when learning how to draw cats easy.

3. Use Reference Material

One of the best tips for how to draw a cat for kids – or anything else – comes from artist Alvalyn Lundgren, who recommends that you use photos, drawings and other reference materials, that way you don't have to rely on only your memory when trying to draw something new.

4. Keep It Simple

"If you keep them simple, they look better," says Christopher Hart in one of his videos about how to draw a cat for kids. Hart is a bestselling author of dozens of art books that teach kids how to draw cats easy, along with other animals and cartoon characters.

Also, Artist Brun Croes recommends to avoid symmetry to eliminate the chances of making a boring picture and I couldn't agree more!

Okay, so there you have it! A simple, 9-step cartooning tutorial about how to draw a cat for kids. Give it a try and see how it comes out!

All photos's are provided by Chris Desatoff. Chris is a cartoonist and cat lover whose comic strips have been published in WriteHackr Magazine.

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