How to Convince your Parents to get a Cat? 5 Great Tips.

If there’s one thing I know from the internet, it’s that cats are adorable and hilarious. We’ve all been there: one minute you’re watching a video of kittens sleeping in a sink, and the next minute you just know you need a fluffy little ball of feline happiness in your life too. A cat would be the perfect pet to make you laugh, cuddle up on your lap, and maybe even become the subject of your own internet videos. Falling in love with a cat is the easy part.

Making this dream a reality is going to take a little work and a lot of know-how when it comes to how to convince your parents to get a cat. Any kid can do it, but you have to be ready for the challenge. Are you ready to learn how to convince your parents to get a cat? Follow these steps and you’ll be snuggling your own grumpy kitten in no time.

Knowing what items you'll need before and after getting a cat is not only going to help show your dedication to taking care of a pet, it also shows how responsible you are. You will need:

Book about taking care of cats

There are many great books on the care and keeping of cats. Showing your parents that you want this enough to read outside of school is going to go a long way in how to convince your parents to get a cat. It’s also going to be useful to understand the responsibilities that come with a pet. Pick a book that you can read on your own. A librarian can help you choose a good one.

how to convince your parents to get a cat

Litter box and cat litter

Guess what happens when you bring a cat home? It poops and pees. It will be your job to clean up, so pick a litter box you can take care of. Pro-tip: there are some litter boxes that self-clean but they cost a lot more, so save up your allowance.

litter box

You have choices about litter. How to convince your parents to get a cat is going to depend on the kind of family you have. Are your parents eco-friendly? Pick flushable litter made from recycled newspapers. Are you in after-school sports that will keep you from cleaning every day? Pick 24-hour odor control litter. Really, you can’t go wrong with this option. Your parents already have to smell your soccer cleats after practice; they don’t want to smell dirty cat litter too.

Cat food

Part of how to convince your parents to get a cat is showing you can keep your pet fed. Just like litter, you have choices. Wheat and corn aren’t a cat’s natural food groups, so look for food high in protein where meat is the first ingredient.

high protein cat food

5 steps on How to Convince your Parents to get a Cat?

Step 1: Research.

Remember that cat care book? Don’t just buy it, read it! To convince your parents, you have to have the facts at your fingers. For example, did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics found children with pets are actually healthier with better immune systems than kids without pets? It’s also true that kids with pets make more friends. Pro Tip: look for scientific sounding data and use the phrase “in my research I found…” This makes getting a cat seem educational.

Step 2: Make a list of your talking points.

If you want to know how to convince your parents to get a cat, you need to demonstrate how prepared you are to handle that responsibility. Talking to them calmly with an organized list is very responsible. It’s also really hard to remember what you wanted to say when you’re nervous. Having the important stuff on paper will be key to staying calm during the discussion.

Step 3: Show them how responsible you are.

The main reason you hear "NO" when you’re trying to figure out how to convince your parents to get a cat is because they assume you will flake out on caring for the cat. If your parents already see you as responsible. It’s going to be much more believable when you promise to be the primary caregiver. Pick up your room. Get your homework done. You get the picture: if they see you can handle the responsibilities. They might be willing to give you a new one. Save money and be willing to pay for the items the cat will need. Pro tip: Don’t spend your money yet! Make a shopping list and have items ready in checkout with cash ready to hand over.

Step 4: Ask for a cat.

That sounds simple, but when and how you actually ask for the cat is key. How to convince your parents to get a cat depends on finding time when your parents can actually listen to your request with an open mind. Think about when they’re tense or overwhelmed, like in the morning while everyone is getting ready for school. Don’t ask for a cat at that point. Most parents are pretty relaxed and happy on Sunday afternoons or while the family is eating dinner together. Let them know you have an important question and you want to be sure they have time to really talk about with you. Ask them if this is a good time. Bring your written talking points and try to stay calm while you’re talking.

Step 5: Try, try again!

The truth is, most parents don’t say yes at first. If you really want to know how to convince your parents to get a cat, you will likely need to try again. The good news is, if you know that ahead of time, you won’t be disappointed or lose your temper when they say no. Try to really listen to their concerns about having a cat. If you write them down, you can go back to step 1 and research more facts that will help overcome their specific issues. If your mom thinks buying a cat will be expensive. You can look up facts about how much an adult cat costs at your local shelters. If your dad is worried that you won’t be interested in the cat once the newness wears off. You can find cute videos of cats like this one to prove you’ll always love your pet.

I personally want my daily dose of cute cat videos, so we need new cat owners capturing all the adorable feline antics. If you want a cat of your own, learn about what it takes to be responsible pet owner and show your parents you’re ready to handle it. There isn’t one single right answer for how to convince your parents to get a cat, but if you follow these steps you’ll have a good chance at least getting them to consider your ideas. If you enjoyed this tutorial, let us know in the comments and share this article!

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