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15 Best Cat Water Fountains of 2017 Review

Cats are pets with fewer water needs than other animals. But this doesn’t mean that they can go without it, either. This presents cat owners with the dilemma of providing a clean water source that’s convenient and accessible. Read on to see how cat water fountains can provide this solution. Quick Comparison: Best Cat Water FountainCat […]

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Best Flea Collar for Cats – no more irritating scratching….

Warm weather encourages family vacations, fragrant flowers, and unfortunately, annoying parasites. Fleas and ticks can prey on our furry friends all year long, but summer can be a catalyst for major infestations. Flea collars can be an easy, low-cost solution for flea and tick control. There are a lot of flea collars on the market […]

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Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain Review

While renting an older home in the Upper Midwest, I had to leave the bathroom faucet flowing all winter to keep the pipes from freezing. One day, I came home from work and couldn’t find my cat until I looked in the bathroom. There she was perched on the vanity top and drinking happily from […]

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Kitty Holster Cat Harness Review

Are you looking to have your cat on a leash without the worry of your cat slipping out of it’s collar. Have you seen a cat try and escape a collar, it’s like stop! you are going to hurt yourself! Well a cat harness may be a good option for your cat to wear while […]

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What is the Best Cat Brush for a Shedding Cat?

The majority of cats can use a cat brush on their fur coats. No matter what breed of cat or coat length you have. It’s almost certain that your cat will leave discarded hair on your couch, carpet, clothing and on occasion in your favorite cup of coffee!Shedding is a natural process where your feline […]

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