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Why is my Cat so Clingy? 5 Great Tips on Helping your Needy Cat

A surprising number of people ask this. Cats have a reputation for being independent and aloof, and clinginess doesn’t fit that stereotype. Clingy behavior in cats can include the following: Following their owner everywhere Lots of meowing Pawing at an arm or leg Refusing to eat if the owner isn’t around Getting agitated if the […]

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How to Travel with Your Cat (The Ultimate Guide)

Many people travel with their cat, as can be seen by the YouTube videos that depict people taking their cats on hikes, boat trips or bike rides. While it can be fun, it requires a lot of careful planning and consideration of feline and human needs. This guide will help you travel with your cat […]

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How to Make Homemade Cat Shampoo the easy way

​Most cat owners dread giving their feline friend a bath because cats hate water (and it’s an unpleasant experience for everyone). Some experts claim that bathing your cat is unnecessary and their grooming habits keep them clean. While this is true to an extent, if the cat is long-haired, their tongue isn’t enough to maintain […]

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Why is my Cat Peeing on my Clothes?

Has this ever happened to you? You wake up and step into your closet to get ready for the day. As soon as you register your surroundings, you can smell it — the telltale odor of cat urine. It isn’t just from a dirty litter box, either. So why is my cat peeing on my […]

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How to Keep a Cat out of Your Room?

​5 Ways on How To Keep A Cat Out Of your Room​Your kitty did it again! Your cat snuck into your office and knocked over a file of papers. It will take days to reorganize it!This isn’t the first time your kitty has gone into a room you don’t want them in. You try to […]

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At What Age Do Cats Stop Growing?

You are asking the question “at what age do cats stop growing?” For a simple general answer it’s about 1 year old, but if we look at from a few different angles we can break it down into three stages of growth: Kitten (0 to 4 months), Adolescent ( 4 months to 12 months), and Adult (12 […]

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