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Do Cats Fart? Somebody open a Window!

“Do cats fart?” That’s a question almost everyone has wondered at some point, and feline flatulence is no laughing matter. If you’re wondering how to how to handle it the next time your sweet little munchkin stinks up the household, take some advice from these experts. Feline Gas PassingAnyone who has ever had his nostrils assaulted […]

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5 Funny and Cute Cat Litter Box Mats

Here at Meeowcat we are always on the hunt for some cool things and we thought we would share with you our top five picks for the best fun and cute cat litter mats. We hope you enjoy! Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat The name says it all, this super cute and fun cat litter mat […]

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Grumpy Cat Funny Pics…#5 Will Make You LOL!

Grumpy cat funny pics make us laugh here at MeeowCat, here is is a few we found around the internet that made us Meeow ! out Loud. We hope you enjoy! Like our facebook page to keep up to date on all things cat! Meeow for Now!1. Halloween Grumpy Cat 2. Grumpy Cat Antlers 3. […]

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