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Can Cats Eat Strawberries?

Have you ever turned around in the kitchen and found your cat enthusiastically chowing down on a strawberry? I’ve been in this situation a few times, and like many other people, I freaked out when I saw my cat happily chomping on something strange.  Since that scary day, I’ve taken the time to do some […]

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Can Cats Eat Crab Meat?

Do you live along the coast? Do you enjoy seafood? If so, you may be among one of the people who’ve pondered “can cats eat crab meat?” As I love my three cats and am fond of crab sushi, I’ve decided to research the question “can can eat crab meat?” and seaweed for that matter.Can […]

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Can Cats Eat Seaweed? 8 Seaweed Options

Seaweed is considered one of the newest superfoods to hit the market, providing people with a vast supply of vitamins and nutrients. Considering what a great source of nutrients it’s proving to be, many people are now wondering how it affects our pets. Can cat’s eat seaweed? The short answer to that question is yes, […]

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Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Can cats eat watermelon? Our pets are as close to us as any other family member, and we want them to remain healthy and happy. Sometimes, you may worry that your cat is eating something that it shouldn’t. I know I have seen my kitten gnawing on food items that scared me. It’s important to […]

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