Can Cats Eat Strawberries?

Have you ever turned around in the kitchen and found your cat enthusiastically chowing down on a strawberry? I've been in this situation a few times, and like many other people, I freaked out when I saw my cat happily chomping on something strange.

Since that scary day, I've taken the time to do some research and find out whether or not it is safe for cats to be eating strawberries. Keep reading to find out all about strawberries' effects on cats.

Are Strawberries Toxic for Cats?

If you see your cat eating a strawberry, there is no need to be overly concerned. Strawberries are entirely non toxic for cats. This means that your furry friend can eat them without suffering from any gastrointestinal upset, difficulty breathing, or other toxic effects. Since I seem to be unable to keep my cat away from any strawberries in the house, this is definitely relieving news!

Though strawberries are safe for cats to eat, you do need to keep in mind that cat's digestive systems are not made to process a lot of carbohydrates. If your cat eats an excessive amount of strawberries, it may suffer from diarrhea, bloating, or constipation. 

However, it is very rare for a cat to eat so many strawberries that they get sick. Most felines will only eat a couple strawberries at a time. If you are interested in seeing if your cat does like to have strawberries.  I would suggest to only feed a little bit to them as a fresh they say moderation is the best bet!

Do Most Cats Enjoy Strawberries?

Though cats are technically carnivores, a lot of people report that their cats are obsessed with strawberries. I have heard about a lot of strange and silly behavior, such as cats pulling strawberries out of grocery bags and hiding the berries away for later. It is rare for cats to try eating piles of the berries. As you can see in this adorable Youtube video, they mostly just like to lick and play with them.

No one is exactly sure why some cats love strawberries so much. It seems that they mostly just enjoy the unusual smell or like the fluffy shape of the leaves. Cats lack the receptors for sweetness, which makes it more curious as to why they like this tasty fruit.  They may like the slight sour taste and the texture of the strawberry.

It is common for cats to have strawberries, but you may find that some of your pets will either ignore or actively avoid strawberries. Each cat is different, so your furry friend probably has its own unique opinion about strawberries.

Nutritional Value of Strawberries

Some cats might love strawberries, but can cat eat strawberries? Cats are obligate carnivores which means that they require animal proteins to get all of their dietary needs. Since the only thing that your cat technically needs is animal protein, strawberries do not actually provide any dietary value for a cat.

Strawberries are a fibrous fruit that contain antioxidants and several vitamins, including Vitamin C.  I haven't stumbled upon any studies that verify if cats do absorb these healthy components.  It would be an added benefit to your cats diet it they could!

However, this does not mean that strawberries are an entirely useless treat for a cat. Many cats suffer from kidney problems due to a lack of proper hydration. Strawberries are loaded with water, so these juicy berries can help your cat to get a little extra hydration in their system. 

How to Safely Prepare Strawberries for Your Cats

Now that you know strawberries are safe, you can consider giving a few to your cat to see how it reacts. Strawberries themselves are non-toxic, but they may be grown in pesticides that can be problematic for cats.

Always make sure that the strawberries you are giving your pet are organic or thoroughly cleaned. You may also want to remove the green stem, as this maybe harmful for your cat to ingest.  

Avoid all things associated with eating strawberries, such as, whip cream and ice cream.  Sugars are known to be toxic when ingested by cats.


Whether or not you should feed your cat strawberries basically relies on whether your cat likes strawberries. So, can cats eat strawberries? Small amounts are a perfectly safe and enjoyable treat even though they do not provide needed nutrition. Leave a comment if you have any other questions about feeding cats strawberries!

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