At What Age Do Cats Stop Growing?

You are asking the question “at what age do cats stop growing?” For a simple general answer it’s about 1 year old, but if we look at from a few different angles we can break it down into three stages of growth: Kitten (0 to 4 months), Adolescent ( 4 months to 12 months), and Adult (12 months on) just like humans except a little faster. Let’s look at what happens over the course of when a kitten becomes an adult cat and answer the question “at what age do cats stop growing?”

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Kitten 0 to 4 months

Kittens experience rapid growth from birth to 4 months old and is an important stage for development of bone and muscle. As a result, nutrition is especially important for kittens and it’s best for you to provide your kitten with a healthy diet. As they grow and gain size and weight. Also, they will work on coordination through playing. By mimicking hunting, defending themselves, chasing and escaping.

These little balls of cuteness are also learning to call to communicate with other cats and their owners. Kittens will still have their baby teeth. As I’m sure we can all attest to how sharp these little teeth are in the middle of the night as they pounce on your toes every time you move your feet!

Adolescent 4 - 12 Months

What happened to my cute little kitten?!! The “Teen” years for cats still involve growth but at a slower rate, cats will now lose their baby teeth and develop permanent adult teeth. Bones and muscle are starting to strengthen as they become fully coordinated and agile. They are proficient at stalking and hunting and developing their unique personality.

Just like teens cats are starting to mature and have endless energy and will be looking to push the boundaries of what they can get away with. You may see your teenage cat scratch or mark their territory as they look to make their mark in the world. This may be a time to look into spay/neuter as they bounce back very quickly at this young age versus an older cat.

This is also a good time to train your cat when they are doing something wrong. Make sure you have a scratching post or a cat tree and plenty of toys and play with them often so they don’t get bored and find other things to do….like use your new couch as a scratching post!

Adult Cat 12 Months on

Your cat is now a year old and for most breeds won’t be growing anymore, bones are set and nutritional requirements start to stabilize. As your cat matures they will fill out a bit and gain some weight but for the most part your cat has stopped growing and is becoming an adult.

They will still like to play and find warm places to snuggle up for naps though, so keep their toys handy and even provide them a great place to nap.

In conclusion, at what age do cats stop growing? Cats generally go through 3 stages as they become fully grown and stop growing and for most it’s about a year, this can vary from breed to breed. We would love to hear from your experience! How long before your cat was fully grown? Meeow for now!

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