10 Most Affectionate Cat Breeds….Puuurfect for Families!

Some people think rather negative things when cats come to mind. These beautiful animals are painted as being mean and spiteful. At the same time, superstitions make cats out to treat humans as inferior or as servants. In many cases, depending on the breed of cat, these statements could not be more false. Here are 7 ways cats show affection towards people.

 Many cats live their lives as lovable, cuddly, and affectionate beings who just want to enjoy the company of their humans. For the sake of bringing greater understanding about the compassion cats have, here is a closer look at the 10 most affectionate cat breeds in existence across different parts of the world.

The following cat breeds will be examined closely:

  • Ba​linese
  • Snowhoe
  • Ragdoll
  • American Curl
  • Tonkinese
  • Persian
  • Birman
  • Scottish Fold
  • Himalayan
  • Maine Coon

Balinese Cats

affectionate cat breeds

When you first look at a Balinese cat, you might confuse them with a Siamese mix at first. In many ways, they look like a long haired version of Siamese cats, in truth. Most of them also have beautiful, bright, blue eyes.

Confusing these cats with their Siamese counterparts makes sense, especially since Balinese cats come from a mutation of the Siamese breed.

While these cats do not come from the Bali Island, they are named in honor of Balinese dancers to represent their beauty and caring attitude. After all, they are one of the most affectionate cat breeds alive.

Like the Siamese cats, you will be pleased to find out the temperament of the Balinese as being rather calm. At the same time, they can be extremely social beings. They love to play and interact with people and other cats in various activities. Your Balinese cat is likely to be rather vocal in their needs and desires, too, just like their Siamese counterparts.

However, the Balinese is not likely to be nearly as loud as a Siamese. A Balinese cat will likely want to cuddle with you because they thoroughly enjoy intimate contact.

If you have allergies, you might want to cuddle with this cat much more because they do not produce as many protein allergens in comparison to other cats. Therefore, you can enjoy having this cat lie on your chest and purr away for hours without upsetting your sinuses.

Snowshoe Cats

You might be surprised to find out that Snowshoe kitties originate in Philadelphia during the 1960s. Originally, Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty named this breed “silver laces” when she attempted to mix Siamese cats with other, long-haired breeds.

 Even though the Snowshoe ranks as one of the most affectionate cat breeds out there, they are rather scarce today. You might be surprised to find out these lovable cats contain great power backed with an agile core.

They look quite like a runner, and they move much the same way. Hence, you will probably be able to play with your Snowshoe for hours on end without this feline becoming tired.

In case you want a cat that enjoys living a solitary lifestyle, you might not want to consider parenting a Snowshoe. These cats are extremely sociable. Should you adopt one of these cats, you will need to be prepared to spend a great deal of time giving him or her affection.

 Also, you need to consider petting the Snowshoe frequently. After all, these are tactile creatures who love to be touched. Furthermore, they enjoy talking, just as much as they like to listen.

If you lead an active lifestyle that takes you away from home for hours on end, you might not want one of these cats. Their sweet temperament needs to have much of the same returned.

On the other hand, they do not fare well in a large crowd. In most instances, your kitty will just want to spend time with you or one other person at most.

When it comes to playing with your Snowshoe, you might be surprised to find out how much they enjoy being around water. Sometimes, they might even hop into the tub with you.

Ragdoll Cats

friendly cat

As with the two previous most affectionate cat breeds, a certain color pattern has to be in place for a cat to be a Ragdoll. While their fur is not as long as the Balinese or the Snowshoe, they still need to go through much grooming.

This most affectionate cat breeds member gained its name because the original litters would go limp when they were picked up. Going limp was not a sign of problems or illnesses, but it merely marked their affectionate response to touch. Most of the time, you will find your Ragdoll to be extremely placid in temperament.

One of the main reasons why Ragdoll felines exist as one of the most affectionate cat breeds lies in their puppy or dog like behaviors. They do not play as much as a dog or a puppy would, but plenty of other comparisons exist between Ragdolls and canines.

First and foremost, your Ragdoll might annoy you with the amount of time he or she will follow you around the house. As mentioned previously, these cats respond well to being handled. Not all of them are likely to go limp completely in your arms, but they will comply with being held far more than other cats.

Furthermore, your Ragdoll feline will considerably lack aggression in comparison to other cats. You can snuggle up to them with ease and pet them constantly.

Like certain dog breeds, your Ragdoll will want to receive pets constantly. They will actively seek out your touch in any way possible when they want to cuddle. Also like dogs, you might also be able to train your Ragdoll to do some tricks. You can easily train one to retrieve toys and bring them to you for play time.

American Curl Cats

affectionate cats

You can easily recognize an American Curl, one of the most affectionate cat breeds, based on their ears. Literally, their ears curl away from the cat and backwards to the center of the skull. However, you need to be gentle when ruffling an American Curl’s ears because being too rough can cause excess damage to cartilage found within the ear.

This cat breed traces its origins back to 1981 in Lakewood, California. The mother of the original litter had the famous curled ears, which stood out as a lasting trait for years to come. Members of subsequent litters entered into cat shows for the first time in 1986, and the first championship for this breed was awarded in 1992.

 At the same time, the American Curl was the first to be entered into the Cat Fanciers’ Association Championship for both the longhaired and short haired divisions. That is right: this breed easily comes in either long haired or short haired varieties.

You will become rather attuned to your American Curl and vice versa within a short amount of time. As a member of the friendliest cat breeds, American Curls will adjust to you and your lifestyle faster than you might realize. In many cases, you might start to find your curly eared kitty patting your eyes and nuzzling noses with you in the moments leading up to your alarm going off in the morning.

As well, they love to be part of the party and will butt in on many gatherings. Lets just call them very social! Some attempts to spend more time with you will include trying to find a way into the shower with you.

Furthermore, your American Curl will try to find a way around the newspaper or book in front of your face to receive pets as well.


Breeding a Tonkinese cat is rather easy. All you need to do is cross a Siamese with a Burmese. Considering how playful these two cat breeds happen to be, it makes completely sense that Tonkinese cats possess many of the same qualities.

Unlike the other two breeds, they do come in various colors. They range between point colors that are rather diluted, like watercolors, and a foundation-like color.

Your Tonkinese has a long history that dates back to the 1400s. Sometimes called a Tibetan, these cats have been known to occupy many parts of Europe, including Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Many people in these countries who own Tonkinese can tell you straight out how lovable these cats can be.

Your Tonkinese will likely want to play with you and be rather interested in the world around them with ease. Some of the more simplistic things in life will capture their attention for long periods of time.

They enjoy learning how to play fetch just as much as they like to climb up different heights. They also love high perches and can often be found on window sills and the occasional table, this must be the Siamese in them.

Like the Snowshoe, you will likely be surprised to find out that Tonkinese cats possess many dog-like behaviors. Other than trying to play fetch with you, your Tonkinese will want to spend plenty of time playing with you and their toys.

In fact, the more toys you have to interact with your Tonkinese, the better. You can even train them to jump from one ledge to another for fetching toys or treats. Their lovable attitude makes them extremely people oriented, even if it means they can be rather vocal in their intentions for desiring attention. Not doing otherwise will make for a rather boring kitty don't you think!


Persian kitties are known for their beautiful coats. This factor marks only one quality that makes them one of the most affectionate cat breeds because their coats attract people’s touch in many ways. Soft fur makes people want to pet and hold these kitties all the more.

As you might imagine, these friendly cat breeds gained their name from the Persian Empire that once ruled over much of the Middle East. In Iran, though, they are known as the Shirazi, but not much more is known about their history.

Many people recognize these cats easily by their long coats and short faces. Back then, they had longer noses than they do today, but they are still notable nonetheless. It is important to note these cats inherit polycystic kidney disease, so you will need to prepare for long-term care with your Persian cat in his or her later years.

If you tend to lead a quiet lifestyle, then a Persian kitty will be right at home with you. They do not like loud noises at all, and their personality is rather sedated in comparison to other kitties. Their voice is much softer than that of a Siamese, but they do like to talk and chatter at you from time to time.

Persians enjoy regular meals just as much as they need lots of love and play. In many cases, they will return this love to you tenfold, making them one of the most affectionate cat breeds.

However, you need to be careful of your curtains! Many Persian kitties have been known to try and scale up them from time to time. Therefore, you need to plan out places for them to jump to at different heights in your home. Perhaps purchase a cat tree for them, so they can entertain themselves.

Birman Cats

Some people might easily confuse a Birman for a Balinese. After all, they both have similar coats and brilliant blue eyes. However, there are subtle differences between the two.

First of all, a Birman has dark “socks” on their paws that many Balinese do not. Also, Balinese cats have deeper blue eyes than the Birman. Additionally, they originate from two, different parts of the world. The Birman gains its name from being called the “Sacred Cat of Burma,” and it originates in France. Not many people know how these cats came to exist in France, and there are many stories.

The Birman is known for wanting to sidle up next to you and sit right by your side. At the same time, they love to make their beds right in your lap or on your chest. For these reasons alone they are known as some of the most affectionate cat breeds in the world.

Therefore, they are often used in breeding with other affectionate cat breeds, like the Ragdoll. However, they are known for wanting to be a helper around the house. They will be there when you make beds and do the laundry just as much as you will find them by your side when reading the newspaper. Everybody needs a helping companion......right!

Scottish Fold Cats

People can generally tell Scottish Fold cats apart from others by the way their ears fold back. Like with the American Curl, this folding of the ears happens because of a genetic mutation that affects cartilage in the ears.

Instead of curling backwards, though, the Scottish Fold’s ears fold forward toward their eyebrows. You might think this look makes your Scottish Fold look a little owl-like in many ways. Other names for this cat include the Highland Fold and Coupari.

Many people were not accepting of the Scottish Fold at first in Great Britain. In most cases, the dislike for these cats revolves around their ear problems. As a result of the forward fold, they are likely to attract ear mites. At the same time, they have hearing difficulties, including deafness. I wouldn't worry about this too much though, my cat never listens too me anyways!

What changed around this dislike, though, lies in your Scottish Fold’s personality. Your kitty ranks among some of the most gentle and calm cats out there. As loving companions, many people came to adore these cats and want to spend more time with them again and again.

It is important for you to understand how attached your Scottish Fold will become to your side. Their soft voices will keep you wanting to be around them for hours as well, mostly because the pitch and volume are often gentle. Not surprise exists about their temperament in relation to their voice.

Your Scottish Fold will want to snuggle up to you as often as possible. At the same time, they will enjoy going outside with you to play, making them yet another cat breed whose temperament resembles the canine world.

Himalayan Cats

Many people confuse the Himalayan with their parent cat the Persian, another member of the most friendly cat breeds explored already. They look extremely similar, but the Himalayan has many traits of their other parent, the Siamese.

In order to turn your Himalayan apart from your Persian, you need to look at their eyes. Himalayans do not have the bright, blue eyes that Persian cats are known for having in the first place. At the same time, Himalayans are known for their colors resembling more of the Siamese markings.

These cats do not jump as much as their Persian counterparts, mostly because their legs measure considerably shorter. Furthermore, their bodies tend to be a bit more round, so you need to be on the lookout for dieting problems.

Even though Himalayans don't jump as much as other cats in the most affectionate cat breeds listed so far, they are still extremely lovable. Additionally, they are known for being sociable and for wanting to talk and chatter with you for moments on end. They are not as loud as the Siamese, but they still love to talk just as much.

Also, you will likely spend a great deal of time playing fetch with your Himalayan kitty. He or she will bring you scraps of paper and balls of fluff you never even knew existed in your home in the first place. This is one way to tidy up!

All they want to do is share their catch with you, but they will not be offended if you throw it to continue the game of fetch. Doing this can upset some other cats and make them feel as if you did not appreciate their catch. This situation happens because your Himalayan becomes extremely devoted to you. All they want in return is your companionship and protection.

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons are known for being lovable giants of the gentle sort. Some people can tell them apart easily from other cats solely based on their size alone as they rank as some of the largest cats. This size does not refer only to their weight. Most of the time, it refers to their length.

Another way to tell a Maine Coon apart from other cats is to look at their coats. They have a mane of fur, like a thick collar, around their necks. The larger your Maine Coon is, the larger their mane will be. In some instances, you might think this cat to be part lion, with their similar face and nose features.

While this cat is one of the oldest most affectionate cat breeds out there, history indicates they originate in parts of Maine. Living in such cold conditions requires these cats to have thick fur. Therefore, you will have to help your Maine Coon with grooming from time to time. However, your kitty will accept this touch with appreciation, so long as you are gentle in the process.

They love gentle touches just as much as they love to play. Your Maine Coon will play fetch, but they would much rather roll over and show their bellies for attention. These cats are known for being quite the contortionists as well, as they will twist and turn to show you their beautiful coats.

As mentioned previously, these cats are known as gentle giants. They don't pick fights with other cats, and all they want to do is devote themselves to you. What do they ask for in return? Your Maine Coon just wants your love. They will come when called, and you can even train them into giving you affectionate head butts with ease. For these reasons and many more, Maine Coons rank as one of the most affectionate cat breeds in the world.


As a cat parent, I find this list of the most affectionate cat breeds to be rather close to my heart. I find companionship in many cats at my home, and I do not think life would quite be the same without them.

Their affection and companionship can make you feel extremely loved, even if you do not live with anyone else in your home. The most friendly cat breeds can fill your home and heart with love easily, and you will never feel alone. I have to say that my personal favorite is the Scottish fold cat.  They are just so friendly and quite easy to hold in your lap. 

I hope you enjoyed the listing. Please share your cat stories, or please share your insights into other cats that belong to the family of the most affectionate cat breeds. For more information on how cats show affection check this article out from our friends at Catster 10 Cat signs of Affection

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